Thursday, December 10, 2009

pink and red gradation nails

a colleague wanted to have gradation nails done and so i decided to practice my sponging skillz tonight. my nails routine are usually monday: nude nails for tuesdays meetings, thursday: extreme nailz for the weekend. sometimes more if i do not like what i have done. lolzzzz..

my red gradation nails are sponsered by base coat for the clear layer, sponged on pink 2nd layer, french tipped with the maroon and finally sponged on the jelly red glitter. maybe 3 to 4 layers of clear Nfu OH red opal glitter. plus mutiple top coats.

i think i am wearing about 11 layers of polish. or more! GOSH!

sponging is very messy business.

i am rather pleased with the result but my tip were so bloody looking it looked like i've clawed out flesh *shudders* so i smudged some newly acquired silver glitter on it.

the red opal flakes help to soften the effect. otherwise the nude areas are quite stark. next time i'll skip the dark maroon part for less of a halloween look.

my nails prior to the red bling nails. i love love love these pinks. totally flattering on me. but i totally failed at drawing laces.

was at bugis last night and dropped by the christmas fair. brain shut down and bought a Hello Kitty bag, *looks sheepish* i also took advantage of the Taka members sale and bought me 2 nail magazines.


Evie's Lair said...

I like the red nails, looks like done up in the nail salon, make for me sometime :p

Evie's Lair said...

I need to buy a bag too, but cant seem to see any pretty ones.

suzieduck said...

what kind of bags are you looking for? lately i see coach got some nice casual bags. not too big.

got time you come over lah.

Evie's Lair said...

Yeah finally i got a coach bag