Friday, October 2, 2009

Fyrrinae hauls

my loot from Fyrrinae arrived in my mailbox on wednesday. on that faithful day, i was locked out of da house because i forgot to take my keys in the morning when we left for work. i had to call the DH and got him to knock off work and let me in. ah ha ha.

later in the evening i pressed all the shadows. i'm loving all the colors i got this time.

without flash

from left to right: top row are Anemone, Blue whale and Artic fox
2nd row contains Black Plum, Lemming, Tempting hansel and Meerkat
3rd row are Faerie glamour, Memphisto, Polar Bear, Dragon's wings, Lucky charm   and Dragonskin
Last row has Blue-footed booby, Sea Turtle, Sea otter, Dragonmagic and Jaguar
I also got a lovely matt gray with sparkles called Baby beluga which i wore alone today. it's a sweet and flattering color. i bought quite a number of colors from their Endangered Species collection mainly because they donate a portion of the purchace price to the WWF.

with flash

here are the pretty empty pots after the pressing. i will show my homemade palettes after i have filled them up. i'm slowly but surely collecting pigments from Fyrrinnae.

i'm still waiting for my cold sores to heal so i can wear my new lippies. grr..

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