Monday, September 28, 2009

my first swap and Lavshuca hauls

i had a spare brand new IMJU Deja vu fibrewig and decided to put it up for swap in MUA. some one contacted me about it and i decided to swap her for a MAC lipglass. Hello Kitty's "She Loves Candy"

LOL! my first MAC item and a Hello Kitty collection no less!

it's a light pink with gold glitter. I LIKE <3

i was reading some Taiwan and Japanese(can't read jappy but i like to look at pictures haha) and i saw the ad for the Lavshuca Dramatice Memory Rouge. oh my, my inner princess fell in love with the packaging and i decided that i must have it. in the end i tracked them down on Ebil Bay selling at a reasonable price. i bought 2.

i selected the colors based on the official swatches and looks plus swatches on LotusPalace

both colors came out nude on my lips. they're both pigmented enough to cover my mauvish colored lips. i lurved them to bits. so much so that i ordered another 2 more Mini Jewelry lips (Adambeauty) to try. i can't wait for them to arrive.

on sunday i bought a pitcher plant at the Pasar Malam.

i am extremely please with it. hopefully it will help reduce the fruitflies that are always in my apartment.

and here's the MAO MAO hamming it up.


Jamilla Camel said...

Adorable makeup, adorable Mao Mao!

suzieduck said...

Thank you!. everytime i look at her i want to squeeze her. she doesn't like that though.

Evie's Lair said...

Nice Mac HK gloss, wonder it sells in Sin anymore?!

suzieduck said...

i'm not sure. you can try the MAC at DFS. or ebay lor..