Tuesday, June 16, 2009

give away at Pinkfish Pie!

she is giving away the above goodies to a lucky winner (me me me!!!)(i wish). go to her blog at Pinkfish Pie and check out the details. contest ends on the 22nd June. tottle over right now!


Jian said...

Thanks for entering! =D Good luck~

Thanks for the thought! I have already made some into necklaces and earrings! I was thinking about the logistics of sticking them onto bracelets. I haven't quite got the hang of the right glueing technique or in fact maybe finding the right glue yet as things are still falling off =_=

I might sell a few of my creations but I'm not sure anyone will buy them xD

suzieduck said...

omg hi! i wasn't expecting a reply. i have tried simple "superglue" to glue my stuff onto earring backs but they'll fall off. however i have found and bought a bottle of glue that's meant for metal jewellary findings. i've never got around to testing it's reliability and it's been stored in the fridge since.