Monday, June 15, 2009

german holiday - pt 2

after coming back from Praque we embarked on the second leg of our bavarian holiday. the DH drove us to our first stop. my first B&B. it's such a lovely place by Lake Weissensee but we got there after dark, which was 5 pm eh heh heh.

such a pretty bed
view outside the room. Weissensee
a romantic breakfast at the cottage. this is when we find the next room for the night.

so for most of the trip we stopped by little towns to have lunch and explore or shop. drive, eat, look, drive, stop, lookk, drive, eat, sleep. :P oh and book the room for the next night. yeah.

between the two fo us we're freckles heaven
Lake Bodensee (opposite the lake is switzerland)
see the snow capped mountains on the opposite bank? Switzerland!
as we drove inland we sighted more snow.. and it got more and more!

our second night was spent in the snow capped Black Forest. in october! there was a freak snow storm that swept across europe but only the mountainous had snow.

long but scenic drivesbtry ing to make sense of the infuriating GPRS system

cute little room in the black forest, night 3


Jamilla Camel said...

We've done this trip, and it's fabulous! Thanks for sharing the pics.

BTW, can you add a followers gadget so that people can follow you, as opposed to subscribing to you feed only?

suzieduck said...

hi jamilla! i actually didn't expect a visit from you. what a treat!

hopefully i have added the followers gadget successfully. i did notice that it is at the end of the long list of links by the side.