Wednesday, May 7, 2008

star nosed mole

today i am obsessed with the star nosed mole. the cutest thing eh-vah!

or course, some have questioned my defination of cute but you just have to lookit' it's tiny plump body and that pink feathery nose and you'd go awwww...

extreme close up of it's highly sensitive nose.

i also came across this bat picture that sorta reminded me of the bat i used to keep for a while. the bro picked it up when it was a wee fuzzy pink baby and i milk fed it till it was palm size. and it always called out to me and i'll put her to hang on my shirtfront. awww....

here we have the DH posing with the MAO in their fancy country colors.

yepp yepp. i was similar garbed too! we got the bandana at the Taiwan Shilin night market Jungle Mall.

the DH and i fell in love with a teeny tiny scottish fold kitteh at the Jungle Mall. she was so sweet, she wanted to be cuddled. awwww...

this is not that kitteh. this is a random internet image.

i also manage to grab some charms near the place where we had lunch one day during the Taiwan trip.

and in my current frenzy of sculpturing i made an earring for a colleague.

pot of gold at end of rainbow

right now i've got a bunch of tiny sculptures drying after varnishing.

i especially liked.... everything! the theme looked as if it should be called "in the woods" or "woodland wonderland"

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