Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i'm bored and i want to go home

it's finally pouring. yay! no more aching knees and stuffy air. and an apartment that's like a sauna.

i feel so restless. i want tomorrow night to come quickly because the DH is coming home! yay! deep deep down i cannot survive 2 weeks of him away. one week is tolerable and the days fly away quickly but anything more than 7 will make me restless and tetchy. aaarrgghh! it's not 3 yet.

me is all excited about needle felting. i'm itching to buy all the equipment and start making something. :P of course i cannot. not yet. must resist. grrr..

i envy people with great designs and creative ideas. i admit that i am a copy cat. meow. purr. purr. i'll just trawl the internet for ideas and steal them! meh! ok la. i don't copy exactly mah. hor?!

anyways if you have any thing that you want made you can let me know. maybe i can custom make for you.

which reminds me. i have many pendants waiting to be finished. not tonight. me going shopping.



Mummy of happiefamiLEE said...

Hi sy,
You seriously think that you're a copycat ah? I personally feel that you're very creative and talented wor! With all the nice crafts and fantasic designs!

I've introduced my gfs to your shop and they'll go 'wow' and 'ahhhhh' over it. :)

Hope to see the pink cute charms you bought from taiwan up really soon. Loves the lollipop!

suzieduck said...

hi mummy,

thanks for your compliments! it's nice to know that people like my work. i have not idea what i want to do with that taiwan charms as they are very heavy and i don't think they'd be suitable for the ears.

anyway thanks a lot for your encouragements!