Monday, October 4, 2010

Chinaglaze Classic Camel with leopard spots

always wanted to do a leopard spots mani. and finally i got to try it. its as easy as everyone claim it to be. LOL! sometimes you just gotta try it to believe it and not worry about it.

my bottle of classic camel had a crack in the neck of the bottle and a wonky brush. so i'm not sure if the thick and gloopy polish was due to evaporation from the crack. plus the weird brush made application a bit of the PITB.

soon after taking the first set of photoes the bottle broke with a swipe of my kitty's tail. Nail Polish carnage! i emptied out a cheap (but with a good brush!) polish bottle and transfered the remains.

i wished the gold glitter were more pronounced or that the base color was a little sheerer for the glitter to show through. overlaying the mani with a gold glitter works too! ;)

anyways i've got new polishes so i took this NOTW off to try my new Space Cadet(Orly Cosmic FX) and Sparkelicious(OPI burlesque)

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