Saturday, August 28, 2010

OPI's Ginger Bells

when i was wearing this mani it made me hungry all the time. it just reminds me of food. hmmmm...

this is 2 coats of color konaded with plate m77 using a pale blue polish from TFS, sealed with the Glass fleck from TFS as well.

i think this mani's reminiscent of the mani's over at Painted Ladies Fingers.(i really like her blog. pictures of the flowers are making me really envious.)

and to make a post that looks like hers, somewhat, let me introduce you my cat.

awww... she's so cute and innocent looking. let me assure you that she is ebil. see those ebil eyes.

she refuses to eat the fish that comes with the can food, the only flavour and brand that she eats. she will only eat the spam part.

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