Sunday, July 11, 2010

TheSkinFood jojoba pure nail in hot pink

So while i'm trying to upload some vacation pictures onto Facebook i though i'd put up some NOTD.

i've been wearing this color since i came back. i'm in the mood for bright summery colors and this is the only color that goes well with my skin tone.

of course the glod glitter at the cuticle line helps to melt the color into my skin. i like the seamless look.

what's worse than dry cuticles? finger hair!!!

it is embaressing but it is also a part of me.

i bought this polish a few years ago when TSF first launched in sg. the polish will dry and set but in a jellyish way. it's still 'dingable' after a few days but maybe that's what gives it this translucant look. i'm wearing 2 coats here.

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Angie said...

pretty jelly :D