Sunday, June 6, 2010

MAC haul: to the beach

So like any other MAC adoring public, i fell into the hype for the Marine Life Highlight. or whatever it's called. i'm not even a MAC fan. i just read Temptalia all the time. :P

right, the reason i wanted Marine Life Highlight, besides the pretty seahorse design (check out the pygmy seahorse), is the color. it's a pretty corally pink, and i do not have that range of blush in my stash. a lemming is born.

it launch last friday, i was on leave, i reached the counter at maybe 1.30pm. it was sold out, "everywhere" said the MA. i also checked out the isetan counter, and even DFS. -ve. it launch at 12pm.

yesterday i was feeling emo and what i needed was some pretty bright corals. LOL! tried tangs vivocity. nil. i went back to cityhall and got Hipness instead. a similar but not so orange and more pink. happy!

i also bought crosswires lipstick. it looks so different on me. more dark red. now i want a Korres Mango butter with SPF, which will do nicely on my European/Meditarranean vacation.

i'm on a new juice diet, consisting of one potato(small), 1 celery stalk and half a green apple, maybe half a carrot. and some lemon juice to prevent oxidation. it's suppose to expel my body's accumulation of uric acid etc so i will get less aches and pains. it seems to be working. plus it stopped my gastric reflux somewhat. potato juice is not bad LOL.

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