Sunday, March 7, 2010

NFU Oh collection

it seems that i have a mini back log of pictures to put up. i am trying to find an organised system of cataloging my pictures so that i can refer to them later.

i'll just start with my NFU OHs first shall i? i love these. if i can hug them to sleep i will. the bottles are too cute. the brushes can sometimes be a wonky but i just twist them round till i find a nice flat surface. i do wish that the brush edge are more smooth so i can get a prettier cuticle line since i'm trying not to smoosh the tip against the cuticles anymore.

in the process of collecting more of these but here are what i already have. it's so hard to pass up on any of these when they're lined up in shelves in a burst of rainbow.

NFU 208, 094, 085

NFU 278, 125, 174, 086, 087, 089, 273

NFU 60, 133, 51

NFU 63, 083, 012, 213, 114

NFU 49, 083, 082, 032, 16

NFU 200, 042

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