Thursday, March 11, 2010

NFU oh 174 with TFS YL702

more toes for you. back log i swear. will try not to torture the reading public with my dry and messed up toes. have i ever mentioned that my birkies are my default footwear of choice? :P:P:P

this look is achieved using the following products. left out that acrylic paints.

paint 3 layers of NFU 174 followed by dabbing one layer of TFS YL702.

i cut of all my nails to almost near the quick. i will occasionally do this to lessen the skin hardening around the nails.

you can see all the horrible skin but um, i just had to show you the awesomeness that is NFu 174. a pastel green that i can wear without making my skin look like cooked lobster. as usual it's a little grayed out bright color.

this is the complete look. it looks equally good without the flowers. really.

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