Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year nails, TheFaceShop YL701 with lace and acrylic flowers

Happy 2010 everyone! i hope 1/1/2010 was well spent. the DH and i was in Orchard for like 10 hours *lol* because we got 7.30pm Avatar tickets at 1pm.

on NY eve i spent a lovely afternoon at home redoing my nails.

these were what i used.

2 layers of the gold in YL701. dense champange glitter in a clear base. i also put on a thin layer of Etude House #16 in spangled silver (pictured below)

the DH got me some lace stickers. at least i thought they were stickers. i spent a small amount of time trying to peel them off but inspiration struck and i dab some saliva on the paper back. turned out they come off with water. really pretty.

here's my lefty. arty farty sun and shadows.

my righty.

my feet are decorated with 2 shades of silver glitter in a clear base.

my current nail stash. i don't think i will go into TheFaceShop for a long while.

sadly the Etude House in sg doesn't stock many of the intersting colors and frankly speaking the Dear Darling Nails range are too pricy at <10SGD.

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