Monday, July 21, 2008

kimchi + blisters = painful meal

uh huh. my lower lip is full of blisters from chafting against the braces. they seem to be moving from the left to the right. as of now i can count 2 big ones and 4 baby ones. i really must try to 'cool' down.

the kim chi is not helping of course. now that the DH is gone again, imma goin' to eat quite a fair amount of kim chi. more blisters for me. w00t!

the DH finally bought me a nintendo DSL. it's what i call in a nail polish color. pearly nudish pink. you know what this means... time to crochet a case for it. ^___^

i've even sorted out my yarn and found the perfect fluffy soft yarn for it. also not to mention all my WIPs. lots n lots of bags to be finished off and lined.


put up 2 more earrings. go look.

this was made for a colleague. it's meant to be her love bird but i made the beak too big so now it looks like a colorful falcon.

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